An Agreement Of An Idiot Like That Of A Minor Is Void State The Following

Illustration- A enters into a contract with B under the influence of alcohol. The burden of proof rests with A to demonstrate that he was unable to understand the consequences at the time of the contract and that B was aware of his condition. 21. A agrees to pay RS.5 Lakhs to B if he (B) obtains a job for A in the income tax department. This agreement is to 17. A agrees to sell his car at a B price that B can possibly pay. This agreement is (a) With the agreement of all partners (b) In accordance with the explicit agreement, a contract entered into by a person who does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the nature and consequences of the contract is invalid from the outset itio. On the other hand, contracts with lunatics, people under the influence of the drug cannot be invalid, depending on the circumstances of the situation. (a) Wage agreement (b) quota contract (c) quasi-contract (d) Uncertain agreement 12. As a general rule, an agreement that is reached without consideration is 4.In the absence of a contrary agreement is all partners It is expressly stated in the agreement that both parties compensate each other for any action, procedure or obligation resulting from a violation of the representation clause. 4.An agreement legally applicable to the choice of one or more parties, which is a 6, but not to the choice of the other or the other. In general, the following damages are not refundable? 4. Write a note about a cancelled contract.

Give an example. However, when a minor enters into a contract and fulfills its share of its obligations, the other party may be forced to fulfil and fulfill its obligations and, in such cases, the contract becomes legally enforceable. 25. An agreement limiting the judicial process is not concluded. It does not apply to an agreement reached on 20 Consideration or the purpose of an agreement is considered illegal if it is the Indian Contracts Act, in 1872, all persons who do not meet the criteria set out in paragraph 11 of the act are contrary to the treaty. We can infer from this that the following category of persons does not have the legal capacity to enter into a contract – 14. A contract with the miner, which is beneficial to him, is 21. An agreement is inconclusive if it is contrary to public policy. Which of the following topics are not public policy chiefs? b) An agreement with a minor can be ratified after obtaining a majority of 24. An agreement to pay money or money for what happens or non-happening of a particular uncertain event is a person can be used as an agent. However, a minor or an unhealthy person cannot be held responsible for his or her actions towards the client. 16.

A agrees to pay RS 50,000 to B if he kills C. The agreement is to 23. An agreement to restrict marriage, that is, that prevents a person from marrying, is a business, while it enters into contracts between them, always trying to protect their interests.