Ascap Agreements

For technical questions and other questions, please contact us and/or contact us via our online contact and filing page at Welcome to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, with their related companies, „ASCAP,“ „we,“ „us“ or „our“). Please read these terms of use carefully, as they constitute a legally binding agreement and apply to the use of (a), and all related domains, sub-domains, websites and associated websites (the „website“), (b) of all mobile software applications that we make available from time to time (z.B apple iOS Apps, etc.). („Apps“) and (c) all other content, widgets, apps, features, features, information and services that we offer via the site or apps, including, Member Access, Online Member Registration, ASCAP Clearance Express („ACE“), ASCAP OnStage, My ASCAP License, Radio License and ASCAP License Portal (the above subsections (a), b) and c) are jointly referred to as „services“ in this section) and applies to all persons, including ASCAP members, who use our products and services, whether you access the services and/or use the Services as a registered user, member of the ASCAP. Contracts/Legal Advice: It is important to keep in mind that all of these agreements are contracts linking the parties to everything that has been negotiated by the parties. Experienced legal advice is always important when it comes to processing contracts. If you are a licensee who has purchased an ASCAP license to publicly display songs in the ASCAP directory, you can manage your account information in relation to each of your licenses using the „My ASCAP License“ or „Radio License“ application provided by ASCAP via the website or applications. To activate your My ASCAP License or Radio License account, visit, click on the „Manage the Account“ link and follow the instructions online.