Dish Network Customer Agreement

After the market, no Dishnetwork DVR and Media Player. All digital VCRs and media players are designed to work with cable services. Including internet radio and IPTV stations. All sales are definitely sold on electronic devices, a one-year warranty is automatically activated on the user account if something goes wrong, we should replace or repair it for the first year (12mo) service/operation. You are due to a 24-month monthly contract period covering 9 months of the DISH Home Protection Plan (DHPP). By accepting this 24-month contract term, you accept America`s Top 100, DishLATINO or Great Wall TV Package as a minimum subscription for eighteen (24) months from the date of the first activation (. Initial term.) If, after activation, but before the end of the initial term, you terminate this contract or downgrade your programming under DishFAMILY`s minimum required package, America`s Top 100, DishLATINO or Great Wall TV Package, or your service is separated for some reason, and all programs and other fees and fees for the initial period have not been fully paid, as they have such a termination, a note reduction or separation, you agree to pay a cancellation fee of $13.33 multiplied by the number of months remaining for your DISH network account or credit card. In the event that, at any time, you are allowed to participate in DISH Pause or any other program under which your DISH Network service may be temporarily suspended for the entire initial period, you agree that the start period after such a suspension will be automatically resumed and that the last day of that initial period be extended by the number of days your DISH Network service has been suspended. DISH Network determines the authorization of this promotion at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse permission for any reason. In the event that you must at any time more than one (1) cancellation fee for the same minimum package of programs under this Agreement and other agreements between you and DISH Network, you agree that the terms of the cancellation fee for this minimum programming, for which the largest amount then applies under DISH Network, will be controlled. You can email DISH Network to or email us at DISH Network, P.O.

Box 9033, Littleton, CO 80160. Please do not send payments to this address. The standard professional installation includes the typical installation of a 20″ antenna, a typical connection of 4 receivers up to 4 TVs and device tests.