Land Gift Deed Agreement

5.2 Dealer Sale: By a deed of sale of the `registered` at the sub-registrar`s office, `to the office of sub-registrar I`, Volume No_ Pages ` to` `, Being No. ` for the year` (Said Deed), said – (name of the previous owner) sold the land mentioned above about 5 decimals or 3 three cottahs, more or less in no. In the usual case, there will be no stamp duty for the donation of a property to an NGO or charity centre. However, you must have inquired with your authority about the rules. In addition, in many cases, NGOs may not be allowed to accept goods as gifts. It is advisable to hire a lawyer to find out. 3. Registration – Under section 123 of the Transfer of Ownership Act, a gift of real estate cannot transfer the property to what has been done, unless it is registered. At registration and after registration, a certificate of two witnesses is required, a surrender of ownership is possible.

According to the court`s instructions, acceptance of a gift without which such an act is considered invalid is mandatory. Such acceptance must take place over the life of the donor, as long as he is „capable“ of doing so. S.56 with regard to gifts, such as gifts/under-assessments The stages of the donation process can be divided into three parts as described below: 1. Gift design – A gift is written with the help of a lawyer and describes what is transmitted and to whom. Gift Deed is a contract between the donor and the deceased that defines the simultaneous and reciprocal act of giving and receiving. A gift to be calculated must be made voluntarily by a person, not under duress, without changing currency. I also confirm that the gift by cheque no _______drawn on – This gift is irrevocable and I have no right to the amount in question and he/she is free to use it in any way. WHERE: DATED: The transfer with gifts is made tax-free in the hands of donors and donors. I, Smt. – of the finish herethly accepts the administration of the property in question.

If you want to give away your property after your loss, you must make a gift during your lifetime. Now, the general rule is that gifts must be accepted by the donor`s life donor. But, the Hon`ble courts of India have made it clear that if the gift is registered after the donor`s death, it is still valid. The requirement of Section 123 of the Transfer of Ownership Act is only that the donor has signed the instrument, it is not necessary for the donor to register it. It can be registered by the legal representatives of the donor or donor. A donation received once to the company is irrevocable, i.e. it cannot be modified or cancelled unless the donor does not have the legal capacity to grant the gift; the present was given under duress, misrepresentation or error of circumstances; and the gift was transferred with the intention of avoiding tax or breaking the law.