Mushroom Buyback Agreement India

12. Conclusion Mushroom cultivation requires an in-depth knowledge of the whole process, before the start of cultivation. Each stage of mushroom cultivation determines the yield of the finished products. Selection […] – It includes mushrooms covering costs in mandis or grocery stores, etc., as well as the purchase of small packages (for sale below 200-250 grams of packaging). Keep spawning, stacked in polytheque bags in shelves, prepared from bamboo and ropes, for at least 18-20 days in space and maintain adequate temperature levels. For beginners, training is recommended for growing mushrooms, as slight errors in the process can negatively affect the growth of fungi and can even damage them. Normally, it takes 45 days for the faïents to turn into adult mushrooms. According to experts with 100 grams of spawning, we can expect nearly 1 kg of adult fungus. Therefore, given the yield of 1 kg per packet, the total production will be 500 kg of mushroom can be prepared in a shade or in a room in the house, instead of needing land to grow mushrooms. Before producing mushroom candidates must be trained and that training is provided by our company. Spawn Organic Liquid, medicines, raw materials are supplied by our company.100% of the products produced are also purchased with guarantee of redemption by the company. Dry Oyster Corporation sells mushrooms in retail and wholesale (bulk) trade.

If anyone wants mushrooms, please contact us. Self-marketing involves the entire process of collecting mushrooms from the growing point to bring it to market and complete the sales process. For sale, it is necessary to ensure that the market place where Mandi is close to the production area, otherwise this will result in an increase in costs. To increase the chances of selling the entire amount produced in the short term, say a month, it is advisable to choose 5-10 packages (each package can be 200-250 grams) and give them to the nearest vegetable sellers who have a good number of customers and who sell mushrooms. Here it is interesting to note that it is better not to take money first by the trader. Instead tell him that the money can be given once the packages are sold. In this case, the seller hands over the amount of the sale to the producer after deducting its profit margin. Expected cash flow: Normally, it takes 45 days for earthenware to become an adult fungus. On average, spawning is stacked for at least 18-20 days in the mushroom house for the growth process.

As a result, each oyster mushroom production cycle is nearly two months. Therefore, inflows and outflows should be halved to deduct monthly and monthly earnings. The calculations are shown below in the form of a table: (for the entire production cycle, i.e. two months) The first step in growing mushrooms is to obtain or find a space, also known as the mushroom house, where mushrooms are piled up and eventually grown. A fungal is simply any substance that has been vaccinated with mycelium, the vegetative growth of a fungus. Spawning is used to transfer mycelium to any material that fungi grow, called a substrate. If the empty room is already available, make sure it has limited or very small sockets/vents. If the exits are a lot then try to cover the ventilation slots or holes with straw or polythene bag, etc. This is necessary to cool the space and keep the temperature below 30 degrees to ensure good growth of the mushrooms.